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If your carpets look like they've seen better days, turn to Valley Carpet Care for efficient cleaning services. Hiring professionals to clean and maintain your carpets can extend the life of your flooring for up to 10 years. We recommend scheduling carpet maintenance services twice a year, so you can keep your carpet looking great.

We offer a variety of cleaning packages ranging from basic to detailed cleanings. Our packages include services like:

  • Carpet repairs
  • Odor elimination
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pet treatments
  • Tile & Grout cleaning

We use top-of-the-line Prochem Everest steam cleaning equipment to give your carpets a deeper clean. Worried about harsh chemicals? We use a non-toxic cleaning solution. Call 208-922-0286 to learn more about our packages and services now.

Learn more about our 7-step carpet cleaning process

Residential carpet cleaning is the backbone of our business. Over the years, we've fine-tuned our process to provide the best results possible.

Our seven-step process includes:

  1. Pre-Inspection: We'll thoroughly inspect your carpet for problem areas, then provide a detailed estimate for services.
  2. Furniture removal: Our team will carefully move any lightweight furniture like dining room chairs and end tables away from the cleaning area. Please note we will not move any heavy furniture.
  3. Pre-Spot: We'll pre-treat difficult spots with special cleaning solutions and solvents to aid their removal.
  4. Pre-Treatment: Using our pre-conditioner, we pre-treat all surface spots and stains before we begin cleaning. We use a high-alkaline pre-spray to break down and loosen soil and stains.
  5. Extract and Rinse: Once the soil has been loosened, our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning process will thoroughly flush the carpet pile. We carefully regulate the pressure and heat to prevent your carpet from becoming over-wet. During this step, we'll pH balance your carpets for a softer feeling.
  6. Final Grooming: We'll professionally groom your carpet to restore the carpet fibers and bring back that just brand-new look. Grooming will extend the life of your carpet and help with the drying process.
  7. Carpet Protection (Optional): Protected are easier to clean and stay clean longer. There is a 24-hour curing period required.

If you have any questions about our process, one of our team members is happy to answer them when you reach out to us.

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